Code Dog for BitBucket Server

How It Works

Code Dog for BitBucket Server is in beta. You're invited to test it free of charge.

  • Code Dog for BitBucket Server is distributed as a Docker container.
  • It will periodically generate reports by gathering information from your BitBucket Server.
  • and your BitBucket Server are the only two hosts the App needs to communicate with.
  • (optional) It will receive connections from, thus the port it listens on needs to be exposed to the internet and reachable from Slack.


  1. Start the app:

    docker run -d --restart always --name code-dog -p 8080:8080 -p 8081:8081 codedogserver/code-dog-bitbucket:beta

  2. Port 8081 is the setup port. Connect to it with a web browser and follow the instructions.

    Make sure only you can connect to it, as it contains your settings, including your BitBucket username and password.

  3. (optional) Port 8080 is the Slack Command port. Expose it to the internet so that can connect to it.
  4. A report will be sent to Slack at 8:00 every weekday. Type /codedog config in Slack to change that, and /codedog help to see all available commands.

Beta Limitations

  • No webhook support.
  • Limited configuration ability unless can connect to port 8080.