Automatic Code Review Reminders for Slack

Code Dog will bark at you if you don't review and merge your Pull Requests!
Supports and BitBucket Cloud.

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GitLab Self-Managed and BitBucket Server support is in beta. Contact us to receive instructions and try it out for free!
Requires manual setup of a custom Slack bot.

Receive Daily Reports - Save Your Time and Energy

Guardian of Timely Merges

Engineers are always available and full of energy when new code needs to be written, but suddenly become busy and whiny when it's time to get things merged. If your mornings start by pinging engineers to finalise their work then you know what I mean. Automate this unpleasant part of your job and let Code Dog do the pinging for you!

Receive DM Notifications - Never Lose Your Diff Again

All That For the Price of a Coffee

The monthly subscription cost is €3/user.

Includes up to 45 days of free premium trial.

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