Who's Behind It?

Michal Mazurek

Michal Mazurek, a graduate of Wroclaw University's Computer Science department, is a programmer and systems administrator. Programming since 12 and running servers since 14 he can rarely be seen without his 1989 IBM Model M keyboard. Treating programming as art, Michal doesn't rest until his code is perfect. And past membership in the rigorous OpenBSD project give him the insights necessary to understand what perfect means.

Having worked in over ten different teams Michal understands the frictions that occur after a Pull Request has been created. An avid reader of self improvement books he realised that just a little social stigma in the form of getting pinged is all that is required to overcome merge anxiety.

Michal lives in Krakow, and after work he likes to dance the Argentine tango.

See also: Syften and jasminek.net.

About Code Dog

At one of my jobs my manager would spend a few minutes each morning pinging engineers to merge their PRs. It was neither fun nor productive. But what if I could automate it?

An app for GitHub already exists, so I decided to solve this problem for GitLab and Bitbucket. I hope that my automatic barker can improve your mornings and decrease your time to merge. Code Dog was born in 2018 and now it's available to you. Enjoy!

A special thank you to Abi Noda, author of Pull Panda and Sean Murphy of skmurphy.com for their invaluable advice.