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Merge your Merge Requests faster

Some of the Slack messages your team sends are critical for productivity.
Automate them.

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Make your stand-ups more productive, automatically

Are you growing weary of asking your engineers to finish their work?

  • - What will you be working on?
  • - Uhm, let me check...
  • - Are there any blockers?
  • - Hold on, one sec...

Get a list of all your open merge requests just in time for your standup. Directly in your Slack channel, for all to see.

Never overlook your merge requests again, react lightning fast

Did a code review request get lost in the noise again? Get a DM as soon as something happens in a MR you're involved in.

No progress on your open merge request since the last stand-up? Receive a private report just before your meeting and join prepared.

It's all automatic. Configure and forget

Do you feel a burning desire to automate everything? Pick a channel, pick your notification times, and you're ready to roll!

Code Dog is a little tool that provides great value. Our developers are now aware of the duration of the PRs and thanks to Code Dog our lead time has reduced significantly.

Cesar Salazar from

Start reducing the average age and number of your open Merge Request

Get your first actionable report in two minutes

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