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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive notifications for only a few of my organization's repos?

Yes. First enable advanced settings with: /codedog config.

Now, when you do /codedog subscribe you should see a new "glob" section. You can enter the name of your repo there, or use the asterisk to match multiple repos, e.g. infra-*.

I get an error when I subscribe to a private channel.

Make sure to add Code Dog to your channel before subscribing.

Is the pricing per team or per user?

Our simple pricing is a flat rate per team, your team size is not taken into account.

Do you offer a free plan?

You get a return on investment if Code Dog can save your team just 6 minutes a month*. Based on this we don't offer a free plan.
* based on a team of 5 and an average programmer salary

I am ready to buy. Where do I go about doing that?

You can subscribe at the bottom of the setup page.

I receive DMs from the Code Dog app in Slack, but my team members do not.

Your team members must create a Code Dog account and connect it to their GitLab account. You can see their account status on the setup page.


Do you support Bitbucket Server/GitLab Self-Hosted?

We used to, but we don't anymore. Read more on our blog.

I have more questions.

Contact us at (we'll reply within 24 hours).